Thursday, May 12, 2016

ABC's of a Healthy Me

ABC's of a Healthy Me
We will be implementing the ABC's of a Healthy Me.

ABC's of a Healthy Me printout:

Active play, Every day
 -Active play outdoors 2-3 times per day.
 -Opportunities to practice age-appropriate motor and movement skills
 -Engage in moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA)
 -Benefits of active play include the following: supports exploration, development and  learning, helps maintain a healthy weight and avoid excess weight gain, builds and  maintains healthy bones and muscles, increases strength, coordination and fitness,  lowers risk of chronic disease, improves self-esteem, and lowers stress.

Breastfeeding Support
 -American Academy of Pediatrics Recommends: exclusive breastfeeding for the first six  months of life, continued breastfeeding for one year(s) or longer
 -ECE programs provide important support by providing: a private comfortable place to  breastfeed or pump, encouragement, and information on breastfeeding
 -Benefits of Breastfeeding include the following: breast milk is the nest source of  nutrition for infants, provides developmental benefits, encourages maternal-infant  bonding, improves child health (reduces reisk for a variety of infections, reduces risk for  developing several chronic conditions later in life), and improves maternal health (faster  rate of returning to pre-pregnancy weight, decreased risk of breast and ovarian cancer)

Cut Down on Screen Time
 -Screen time includes TV, DVs, videos, computer time, smart phone tablets, etc.
 -No screen time for children under age two years
 -Limit or eliminate screen time for children ages 2 years and older (no more than 30  minutes per week in ECE setting/no more than one to two hours per day from all  sources)
 -Benefits of cutting down on screen time includes the following: increases time for  physical activity, decreases exposure to food and beverage advertisements, decreases  snacking and consumption of high caloric foods
Drink Water or Milk
 -Water should be visible and accessible for self-serve inside and outside
 -Choose milk for meals (whole milk for ages 12-24 months, 1% or skim milk for ages 2  years and older
 -Limit or eliminate fruit juice (4-6oz per day, if offered serve only 100% juice)
 -Benefits of drinking water and milk includes the following: does not contribute to  childhood obesity, does not contain added sugars, does not contribute to dental  cavities, milk provides calcium, protein, and vitamin A & D (if fortified)

Eat Healthy Foods
 -serve fruits and /or vegetables at every meal and snack
 -serve fried/pre-fried foods only 1 time per month or never
 -make half of grains whole grains
 -Choose low-fat dairy (1% or skim)
 -Choose lean meats and protein
 -Providing meals "family style" is considered beast practice
 -Benefits of eating healthy foods includes the following: fruits and vegetables provide  vitamins and minerals that are essential for a child's growth, low-fat dairy contains  calcium and protein to help build strong bones and muscles; whole grains, fruits, and  vegetables contain fiber to help increase fullness, maintain a healthy weight, decrease  risk for developing chronic conditions; eating healthy foods at a young age helps  chidren  develop life-long healthy habits

-Kansas Health Foundation
-Centers forDisease Control and Prevention (CDC)
-Gretchen Swanson Center for Nutrition

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